Today is Ninos Inocentes Day!  It had been quiet all day.  Tish was busy with her sig sheets and Jean downloaded and uploaded whatever….!  I tended my garden in the morning, had a tit for tat chat with Mr. Young on the telephone, cooked carbonara which is the only fill our refrigerator has, and reread my journal… a fitting way to while the time whilst waiting for the new year.

Yesterday was Holy Family’s Day!  Fr. Eymart, our new parish priest (oh well, he had been here since September but I just forgot to write about him because I had not heard him say mass till yesterday) expounded on the meaning of each one’s role in the family. He explained why Jesus remained in Jerusalem during the Passover feast and how Mary and Joseph searched for Him for three days.   Gosh!  I had forgotten how Fr. Eymart  related the importance of family (and it was just yesterday) but I believe I was impressed by how he delivered his homily… very close to the heart.

But if there is one thing I do remember, it is the Christmas reflection of Fr. Jerry Orbos on tv.  He said the we celebrate the birth of Jesus who was born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, surrounded by sheep and cattle, visited by shepherds and three magi who believed in His majesty.  The Babe turned into a boy who helped His foster father Joseph with carpentry till He was thirty.  Then He lived a solitary life heeding to the Father.  He was without family preaching beside His apostles.  Many people listened to Him even if He had no credentials.  He had no school grades nor a college degree.  Yet His teachings penetrate our hearts at this very moment.  He had been hanged on the cross, but he continues to save us this very moment.  Jesus walked the sand-filled desert.  He never had a limousine to transport Him.  Yet He is hailed to by the world today as the Messiah!  Jesus had given us the Supreme Sacrifice.  It is our turn now to ease that a bit.

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