Photographs and Memories

If there is one thought that makes me sad this Christmas, it is my mom having a difficult time alone.  Mommy had been a fighter ever since her miserable existence as a child of the war. But she made life better by selling kakanin while her friends troop the queue to the classroom. A quarter late for her grade level, she still emerged with honors and was always accelerated to the next level till she graduated valedictorian.  With innate intelligence for clerical work, she became the admirals’ favorite secretary.  Not only was her stenography errorproof, she also served as editor to the commodores’ command, wah ha!  From the Naval Supply Depot to the Blue Cross of America, mommy’s typing speed and tact work had left indelible marks to both bosses and co-workers.  Not to mention the natural camaraderie she created just by being truthful and sincere.

But that had been in a time long past.  Mommy now takes care of my ailing dad in a nursing home.  And she attends to my nephew with special needs.  At 74, she had to give up her home in Palmdale so she could function with the people she loved.

Mommy sent me forex boxes with her evening gowns and pajamas, bath robes and pant suits, shoes and treasure boxes of framed photographs and memories.  My brother’s LA flat had been filled with her things and these must occupy the pedestal of my closet and my sala.  I turned a bit emo and senti while unraveling the items from the large, brown balikbayan boxes.  I never realized how my mom took much time trimming the pictures of her family and framing them in precious picture holders.  They were all done with love, I’m sure.  Our family photo circa 1981 now hangs by my front threshold.  And so does the frame of the grandchildren when they were small.

The world has so many cares and woes, but I keep a special prayer that God takes good care of mom.  She deserves an angel to make things lighter for her.  Please God, help my mom!

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