In My Diary 10 December 2009

Mist had covered my view of the Sierra Madre Mountains as I passed by the Tumana bridge four times this morning.  Sigh, when the tough gets going, the going gets tough.  Jean woke up late for her 8 o’clock call time and demanded that I bring her to school without her sister who had been dillydallying pending her 10 o’clock class.  I conceded, of course!  What can I do?  She needed to be in school.  But I couldn’t prompt the other one who just took a bite after a long night’s romance with her lab review work.  Gosh!  And it’s human rights day today. Should have been mother’s rights day, too.  But as the mists shielded the silhouette of the majestic mountains, so did my penchant for complaining disappeared.  Instead, the mists reminded me to research for God’s creation with the ones visible to the naked eye.  So I sang my favorite tune… Glory to the Father, sing glory to the Son, glory to the Spirit, glory, glory everone, glory on the earth He made it, glory up above, glory glory everybody we have seen the Father’s love. And I felt better.

Jean turned 19 yesterday and I am glad she  turned out to be such a fine, young lady.  Although she still likes a little glamour on the side, she sticks with the simple taste when it comes to clothing and make-up.  Sigh, though, no matter how I sweep the front yard, no one yet comes to woo me for my girls.  I guess I should make a personal transformation.  Must lose some weight and must fix the hair.  Children most likely turn out to be like their parents.  I must make a drastic change if I want suitors knocking on my door…..

Tish and her PMHS org bagged the 1st place award in the College of Science Carolfest last Friday.  Their rendition of Pasko Na Naman  obviously had the best interpretation and their cute presentation of TL Ako Sa Iyo made it easy for  the judges  to give an overwhelming unanimous decision of their choir as  not only  best in vocals but in costume and choreography as well.  But there was also the Rockhounds, an exclusive male org, that is worth remembering for hilarious entertainment.  No feather in their cap but they would live in the memories of those who witnessed their gag.

I almost forgot…Carie came to visit Winnie and me.  Nomie was supposed to come , too, in our impromptu reunion but work got in the way.  I therefore conclude that jobs are really detrimental to friendships, ha ha.  I was glad Winnie was able to snatch a couple of hours for lunch break.  And Nick gladly opened up his home for our hurried hustle.  Carie brought home-cooked adobo from the far away Batangas.  There was also puto and kutsinta courtesy of her Kuya Rene, and our favorite pasalubong, panutsang mani.  But most important was seeing Carie again.  She put on a little weight but as hearty to see as ever.  Suplada at kuripot, yet as thoughtful and as gracious in her tiny presents and kwento as always.  Nick and Winnie’s Christmas decorated home served as a lovely backdrop to our gossip, and we talked about Nomie  of course, aside from our own inuendoes.  I am glad I have friends I keep no secret with.  And when we see each other again, no matter the span of time, we could always relate our heartaches and our joys.  God must have loved me for giving me Winnie, Carie, and yes, Nomie, even if she was absent, for friends. Makes life sane even if we talk about hot flashes!  Ugghhh!

Gotta cut this short.  Forex has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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