It’s Turnip Time

Summer is a season of grace.  The children are on vacation from school.  The flowers are  in  bloom.  My poinsettia, a late bloomer, now shine red in my front yard. The white sampaguitas  smell fragrant amd fresh. The watery fruits adorn the byways – purplish star apples, round watermelons and cantaloupes, green and yellow mangoes, and the white lowly turnips that come cheaper by the bulk.

Whatever the nutritional value of the turnips could be (I was told it was nothing but water and simply a stomach filler) I still buy and enjoy turnips.  I peel the ecruish skin and slice the turnips french fries like, put a little iodized salt and water and cool in the refrigerator.  My daughters actually get a bite or two because somebody told us it’s good for the thyroid glands.

I bring turnips to family swim parties, especially if we’re in  a hot springs pool.  And relatives actually enjoy them before barbecue.  Some would even put turnips in their fresh lumpia or vegetable roll.

We can always play favorites when it comes to fruits.  Whoever would say turnip is my favorite fruit.  And  I also think that turnip is a root crop and not a fruit.   What the heck   –  it’s turmip time.

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