Exciting Shows for Free

My daughters and I had another exciting musical treat last night.  We watched the piano recital 1 of Mikhael Lastrilla, a junior college student of Professor Augusto Espino at the UP College of Music.  Mikha staged the perormance in partial fulfillment of the requirements of his course. He played a prelude and fugue by Bach, a sonata by Mozart, an etude  and ballade by Chopin, Ravel’s Jeux d’eau , a Filipino folk tune arranged by Prof Agot and a piano concerto by Liszt with Prof Agot himself on the second piano.  The audience gave a standing ovation.  We watched the show for free.

Come April Fool’s Day, we are going to watch the graduation recital of Jesper Mercado at the Abelardo Hall.  Again this will be for free.  But after listening to Jesper play a couple of times, one as assisting artist to a friend, and another as a competitor in a concerto tilt (he won 1st prize), I think he is thus far the best pianist we have today.

Every now and then the College of Music opens its doors for the people to watch the students perform.  We have seen quite a few upon invitation by the artist, a teacher, a friend, or by internet.  The performances are truly good and exciting.  But not many people come to watch. Sometimes we feel sorry for the artist who had practiced long and hard and he has not much audience to perform to.

La Traviata, an opera, will be staged March 30.  If your calendar is free, I’m sure this will be a good alternative to commercialized shows.  Jesper on April 1st. Tish, my daughter, a beginner, on July 4th.  See you!

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