Patricia Anne Leyva Palma, Pianist in the Making

On July 4th, 2009, at the Mini Hall of the College of Music at the University of the Philippines, Tish will perform the classics on her first solo piano recital. Tish is under the tutelage of Professor Augusto Espino, a pianist, a composer and a teacher.  Tish is lucky to have been accepted May of last year (2008) by this great master.

Tish first learned the fundamentals of the piano in September 2001, when cousin Adam Reyes , a child piano prodigy himself, handed down his old piano.  Immediately, Tish grasped the essence of playing the black and white keys and received a “Most Promising Student” Award in her first piano recital.

Tish continued her lessons for two more years under Teacher Minette Buenaluz-Ladines who trained her for the prestigious NAMCYA competition.  Tish made it through the eliminations in the NAMCYA of 2004 but failed to compete in the next round at the CCP because of a Math exam at the Philippine Science High School. That was the time when she decided to forego her piano lessons.  The academics and the scholarship granted by the DOST come first.

But Tish developed her own musical skills by teaching her fellow classmates the songs for their school’s  annual Christmas musical competition.  She surprised Ma’m Crisostomo, her high school music teacher, when she was able to study the accompaniment of the Phantom of the Opera in a week’s time and delivered an outstanding performance in the JS Prom.  Tish also garnered a whooping one hundred fifty thousand pesos in a five night carolling with singer-friends, Jeff Salud, Jaja Coralde, Joseph Chu et al, for the benefit of their Senior’s Prom and yearbook.  And in her Theater Arts class, Tish transposed and recorded the Disney animation Hercules musical score for a school stage play.

Tish participated in Clavier School of Music summer recitals even if she was not enrolled.  She self-taught the Flight of the Bumblebee, the March of the Dwarfs, a Rhapsody and other pieces just so she can go up the stage and perform.

Devoid of the true musical discipline, Professor Agot still accepted Tish under his wing.  He must have seen the potential in Tish.  But he also advised Tish to stick to Biology, her major at the UP College of Science.

Professor Agot had honed Tish’s little fingers into a pianist’s hands.  Come July 4th, mentor and student will show what classical music is.  Come and see.

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